Discharged – For Now

Ahmed arrived just a week ago as an emergency transfer from Gaza. Since then many test were done to find out what exactly his heart condition his and how he can be treated. After a long period of testing and waiting, his mother got the news that Ahmed is infected with RSV, a respiratory virus that weakens his immune system. This news also meant that he can’t have his catheterisation in the next few days in preparation  for his big surgery. Therefore he was discharged today and sent home for the next four weeks until he is better. Ahmed will have his catheterisation then. My short term coworker Klara had such a good time with Ahmed today as it was her first time holding a baby in her arms. Ahmed enjoyed every minute being in her arms and looked so cute being there.

Please continue praying for him and his family until he comes back in a month. Pray for healing of the virus he is battling right now.