Discharged to Ashdod

At Hadassah Hospital this morning, it was decided that Mam could be discharged. I helped with the discharge process and collected the necessary information regarding pharmacy items we will need for Mam for his medical care outside the hospital. The hospital provided enough medicine to be given over the next few days, but another medicine that requires three days to prepare will have to be procured in Ashdod along with other items Mam will be needing.

Ashdod coworkers Joanne and Faye came to Hadassah to collect Mam and his mother and they brought them back to their community home in Ashdod where some of the other moms and children are staying and were glad to see them.

On June 4, Mam and his mother must return to Hadassah for a check-up regarding the stoma, and whether or not it can be removed. Then on June 5, they would like to do a heart echo on Mam. By that time Mam and his mother will have transitioned back to our Jerusalem community home which is closer to Hadassah, in order to make these appointments more easily.

It is hoped that Mam will have a colon repair before returning to Kurdistan. Please pray for this to happen and that Mam’s health will be in a ready state for this.