Discharged to Ashdod!

After being hospitalised at Sheba Medical Center for over a month, Niyan was finally discharged to our house in Ashdod. She was so happy that she could go home and had a big smile on her face every time I saw her. The whole discharge went smoothly and the paperwork was already finished when I arrived there with coworker Faye.

Everyone in the ICU came to love Niyan during her time there so they all came to say goodbye to her. To celebrate the day her father, Niyan and I had some ice cream in one of the Sheba Malls.

Our sunshine Niyan will stay in our Ashdod house until her follow up echo next week and then we will see how long she has to stay with us before she finally can go back to Kurdistan. Please join us in prayer for Niyan’s health so that she will gain back some weight and that her lungs will stay healthy.