Discharged to Ashdod

When I arrived at Sheba hospital this morning, I was surprised to find handsome Sohaib toddling around the cardiac clinic waiting room. His mother was excited and a little nervous. “If his echo is good, he can go to Ashdod today!” she told me in Kurdish.

After such a difficult recovery after multiple surgeries, it’s a big milestone for Sohaib that he is walking again. We’re seeing his grown-up independent streak again too; when his mom reached out to steady him, he swatted her hand away and focused intently on adjusting the mirrors of his ride.

Just a few minutes later, I returned to the cardiac clinic to find Sohaib’s mother with a big grin on her face. “Ashdod!” was all she said. Sure enough, when I spoke with Sohaib’s cardiologist, he confirmed that Sohaib’s heart function is very good and he is cleared to leave the hospital!

Sohaib will come back in one week for another echo. In the meantime, please pray for safety for him as we and his mother adjust to caring for him here in the house.