Discharged to Jaffa

Sweet Mariya had another appointment at the Eating Disorder Clinic in Sheba Medical Center this morning. Coworker Moshe joined her and her mother for the appointment.

Mariya has slowly begun to eat through her mouth, but she came down with a virus this week that caused her to vomit and this made her afraid to eat again. She was getting dehydrated without the NG tube so they reinserted it.

However, her next treatments can be done on an outpatient basis, so after two months in the hospital, Mariya was discharged to our home in Jaffa tonight. This is very exciting for her mother, as well as for us.

As we left the pediatric ward, several doctors and nurses waved and blew kisses to Mariya and her mom as they passed by. Her mom told me Mariya is friends with all the doctors and nurses on the floor. It’s beautiful to see their love for this little girl, as well as her mother’s heartfelt gratitude for them after such a long and challenging time in the hospital.

Mariya and her mom are good friends to all of us here in Jaffa and we’re looking forward to spending time with them in the coming days!