Discharged to Jaffa

At Sheba hospital today when I went into the room of little Hadeel and her father to collect them, they were both peacefully sleeping. I decided to give them some more time as there were some things I had to speak about with the nurse.

When we finished talking, we went into Hadeel’s room together and woke them up. It took Hadeel’s father just a few seconds until he realized he’d fallen asleep and he jumped up from his bed. I’ve never seen someone get up so fast. He might have thought that something happened with his beloved daughter but that wasn’t the case.

He was very happy to hear that I just came to bring them to our community home in Jaffa. He packed all his things together which wasn’t that much and we took the medicine and went to the Shevet van.

Hadeel still has to take some medicine and she needs to go back to the hospital in a week’s time for follow-up. But thanks be to God that so far, little Hadeel is recovering well. Please join me in prayer that she may continue to recover well and that they both can have a nice week out of the hospital now.