Discharged to Jaffa for now

Today Amin was discharged from Sheba medical Hospital to our community home in Jaffa. As you can see in the picture, he was happy about it and so was his mother.

Doctors took a 3D echo for Amin before his discharge. They are planning to do surgery in the near future, probably in the next few weeks. Therefore Amin also has to do a CT scan but because he has a little cold at the moment and he is already weak because of his heart defect, and because he needs anesthesia for the CT scan, they won’t proceed yet since it wouldn’t be safe for him.

Amin and his mom will have to return to the hospital after one week to see if Amin is in a condition suitable for the scan.  Meanwhile, they will spend time resting and getting to know the other Kurdish families we have in our community house in Jaffa. Thank you for your prayers for Amin and his lovely mother.