Discharged to Jerusalem

Our sweet “Dalalusch,” as she is affectionately called by us, has recovered well after her surgery. Last weekend she was transferred to a normal ward at Sheba hospital and has continued to recover well there. Praise the Lord for this good recovery. Today she was discharged from the hospital. I had the opportunity to take Dalal and her loving mom out of the hospital.

Before “Dalalush” was in the hospital, she was very shy and it was rather difficult for to come to one of us without her crying and wanting to go back to her mommy. But the hospital has changed her and she is not so shy anymore. When we arrived at our Jerusalem guest house, the other mothers staying there greeted Dalal and her mom very lovingly and with joy. It is every time beautiful to be a witness to how much the mothers are happy for each other and support each other in everything.

One of the mothers speaks a bit of English which is very helpful. I needed translation support today as I had to explain to Dalal’s mother how to take the medicine and prepare the milk for Dalal. It is very important that she understands everything. Thank you for your prayers for this cute girl and her mother.

Dalal is still on medicine and needs to come back to the hospital in one week for another echo and follow-up appointments.