Discharged to Jerusalem

Mizgeen’s doctor in the pediatric ward at Sheba hospital called me this morning to say Mizgeen’s tests all look good and he could be discharged to our house in Jerusalem today. When I translated this for Mizgeen’s mom, I could hear Mizgeen’s joyful “YES!” in the background.

Mizgeen has made a lot of friends during his hospital stay, and this morning one of the educational assistants from Sheba stopped by to deliver a special farewell gift the educational team made for him.

As soon as the discharge report was in my hands, Mizgeen took off running for the door, but he stopped to say goodbye to all the doctors and nurses he passed.

We’re very glad to have Mizgeen and his mom with us in Jerusalem. Mizgeen has been so excited to see Ahmed for several days now, and they’re enjoying their time together playing superheroes. Meanwhile, Mizgeen’s mom has made me laugh till I cried more than once in just a few hours in the house.

Mizgeen will have a checkup at Sheba tomorrow and then again in a week. Pray for good echo results, and thank God for his recovery so far!