Discharged to Kurdistan

Khanda was discharged from the hospital after her surgery and returned today to Sheba hospital for an echo-cardiogram and ECG. These were done without much fuss from Khanda, thankfully.

After the examinations, as we waited for the doctor, Khanda’s grandmother expressed some concern that Khanda might need another surgery. But when the doctor arrived, he said said the echo looked very good. One of her arteries is a bit narrow and there is a small possibility that she may need a cath for this down the road, but it’s not a big problem for her at the moment, and it could be that it will not even be necessary because the artery may widen by itself. He also said Khanda will need follow-up examinations for checking on this condition after one month in Kurdistan. He then told Khanda’s grandmother officially that Khanda is discharged to Kurdistan. Her grandmother was very happy to hear that and said thank you in Kurdish many times to the doctor.

Please pray that there may be a way for them to travel soon because they miss their family. Khanda’s grandmother is a very nice woman and we all enjoy our time together with her and her cute granddaughter.