Discharged to Kurdistan

At Sheba hospital, Maili had an Echo-cardiogram which showed she can be discharged home to Kurdistan!

Her mother schemed to jokingly tell her dad that she has to stay another one to three months, when in fact she is flying home on Sunday. Of course he was extremely happy when he realized it was only a joke. Over the video call we took a family photo of them holding the phone with her father. Maili is the spitting image of her father except he has a mustache. All of us (her mum and dad included) have taken to calling her Maili ‘Abu Shuwarb,’ which translated, means ‘father mustache’ in Arabic, and is also a type of fish. Today someone at the hospital became very confused when that was not her actual last name!  This family is, as you can tell, so much fun.

Maili will need another cath and surgery during her next visit to Israel in a few years time. She and her mother bring joy and laughter wherever they go; these two light up a room. We are so happy for this outcome for Maili and ask you pray with us for her to continue to be well.