Discharged to Kurdistan

Ibrahim was all dressed up this morning for his appointment with the neurosurgeon to review the results of his MRI. And today turned out to be a special one; Ibrahim is officially ready to go home to Kurdistan!

His MRI shows that there is still some blood collected between his brain and skull but the neurosurgeon says there is no danger and Ibrahim can follow up with a doctor in Kurdistan.

At this news, Ibrahim’s mum began to cry, thanking the doctor over and over and calling her husband right away to tell him. She is so excited to bring Ibrahim home to his dad and big brother, and she’s especially happy to be flying with two other Kurdish families this week.

Ibrahim has grown so much in three months here. We looked at some of the photos from his first appointment at Sheba, and we couldn’t believe how different he is now. His mum used to call him “Mr. Mouse,” but she and I joke that he’s so chubby now that he’s more like a round potato than a tiny mouse.

I’m so grateful to send this handsome little guy home strong and healthy.