Discharged to Kurdistan, surgery in future

I went to see Mohammed and his lovely mother at Sheba Hospital today.  The cardiologist said they won’t do the surgery for Mohammed for now, as he is too small and has to grow. Mohammed needs to have the surgery eventually, but if they chose to do it now, the chance of him being extubated after the surgery would be very low and the surgery would be a really risky one because his chest is so small. Therefore they would like to send Mohammed back to Kurdistan for the next one to three years, so that he can grow.  By this decision, the doctors are also saying his condition is safe enough to wait for now, but surgery will be required in the near future.

Please join me in prayer that Mohammed’s lovely mother might trust in God’s perfect timing in all of this. Pray also for Mohammed’s well-being as he grows in size and stature in Kurdistan over the next few years.

They were both discharged from the Sheba Medical Center today and are looking forward to travelling back as soon as possible.