Discharged with A Good Hip

As we visited lovely Noora and her grandmother today, great news reached us: Noora can come home with us! For me, it was the first time seeing her in her big cast. After the last intervention she got a new red one. Now it’s also including both whole legs of her. But nevertheless, she was happy and even-tempered. Also her grandmother was grateful as usual and praised God. She’s a real prayer warrior and does everything for her granddaughter. But before we could finally discharge her, a few things needed to be done. First they had to crop her cast, then, most important, we had to meet with her orthopedic doctor. So, we headed towards his doctors office. Cropping the cast turned out to be an horrible time of panicking and screaming. Having this really loud electrical saw sawing so close to her body really scared Noora. And so her screaming mixed with the penetrating drumming noise till the procedure was finally done – it broke my heart seeing her like this and especially her totally scared eyes.

Thank God, Noora with her light spirit laughed again a few minutes later and you couldn’t see anymore fear in her. And as we spoke later with her orthopedic doctor, her CT Scan of yesterday showed her hip in the right place! Thank God! For now, she is just coming with us. In three weeks time we will come again with her to check her cast and her hip. After two more weeks, we will meet again and, inshallah, they’ll be able to take off her cast. Depending on the strength of her bones by that time, she will or won’t have another surgery. But the doctors seemed to be really optimistic about that. Thank God! We can really pray for this special family. May her grandmother receives strength for every new day and Noora a smooth recovery.