Divine orchestration

Saif was sound asleep when I saw him at Sheba Medical Center today. Just before going to see him,  I went to a pharmacy to check on items needed to maintain his tracheostomy in preparation for his impending discharge.

Seeing him peacefully sleeping made me smile because he can’t comprehend how much work has been done by the medical staff at Sheba to keep him alive and how many moving parts there have been appropriated to maintain his ability just to breath! But for now, the important thing for him to focus on is eating more and growing stronger.

I talked with his mother about the progress of gathering all the equipment Saif needs. She was comprehending the time it will take. I told her God is with us, and He will help us.

Please pray for divine orchestration in acquiring all the correct items needed before Saif can return to Gaza. Please pray for grace and understanding from pharmacies and companies as we look into where to purchase suction machines, among other things.