Doc says continue to grow, surgery ahead

Today, young Kenan crossed the border with his mother from Gaza to Israel for an echo appointment at Sheba Hospital. They were relieved to get into the air conditioned van at Erez, as it was a particularly hot day.

The results of the appointment were positive.

Kenan is stable enough to continue growing older and stronger back home in Gaza while the doctors monitor his condition and wait for the best time to admit him for surgery. The doctor encouraged Kenan’s mother to feed him generously with oils and fruits to build his body up.

It was a joy to see Kenan’s eyes lighting up in the hospital. Pictures of children on the wall, blinking lights, and our face masks were all of particular interest to him.

His curiosity kept us on our toes and provided levity to a hospital visit that can be very stressful.

We are looking forward to seeing this child again, all in the Lord’s timing of course. Please pray that Kenan’s body continues to grow stronger and more prepared for the necessary surgery ahead.