Doing Better

I really miss Saida and his mom at our Shevet home. He is such a handsome and sweet boy. I was really thankful to God. He reminds me every day that His times are perfect and that He has everything in control. Saida has been in the hospital for nine days now and he was admitted for a possible urinary infection. But now he is in the hospital to gain weight and I’m really happy that he is there for this reason since it is the only thing that is stopping him from having surgery. Mom is really amazed but she feels afraid that her baby is not going to gain weight soon. However he is doing really well. Saida is sharing a room with our Ali and both moms are having a great time together, supporting each other beautifully. It’s a blessing for both moms to be together.

When I was with them the nurse came and weighed him at 4.4kg. It’s amazing to see he is gaining weight and now he only needs to gain 600 grams more. God can make a miracle and he can achieve this before we think. He has an NG tube to help with the weight gain and he is also feeding normally.

He is smiling and big, and I’m so happy. But Mom looks tired and a little hopeless. Please pray for Mom to have peace and hope. And also for our sweet Saida, that soon he can have his surgery and can come back home with good results.