Doing better after catheterization

Racheal had a very quick catheterization first thing this morning at Sheba Hospital. Until now she has survived on a medication that keeps a small hole in her heart open to allow blood flow. Today, the doctors placed a stent to widen her pulmonary artery and allow blood to flow more normally through her heart.

I’ve spoken with Racheal’s mother over the phone a few times but today was the first time since the day she arrived that I’ve gotten to speak with her in person and get to know her a little better. She told me about her family back home, including that she has a son with a heart defect as well, and that she and her husband lost another son a couple of years ago. She was eager to show me photos of her children, as well as medical workers in Kurdistan who have helped them.

Racheal’s mom then joined me and a couple of other families from Kurdistan in the waiting room for a few minutes. She explained that the doctors think Racheal is too small for surgery now and needs to wait until she is a year or so old. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors as they decide how to best help Racheal now.