Doing better with friends

At Sheba hospital today, the doctor had many good things to tell us about Salwa’s condition. Firstly, they see that Salwa’s heart after surgery is working well now. Secondly, they do not expect that she needs another surgery for her heart, or also for her diaphragm, as she is now breathing nicely on her own. This is wonderful news, as it has been a source of worry for the mother. Another piece of good news is that the EEG test which Salwa had last week, was normal. The doctors are very happy about how she is improving.

However there are some things which are still developing with Salwa. She sometimes has periods of tachycardia, therefore she is having a halter monitor test for 24 hours. Her body is quite weak and with low tone in her limbs. She also is slow to look towards objects and track with her gaze, so she was due to have a neurologist assessment later this afternoon. Also while she is drinking more milk orally, the majority continues to be fed via NG tube.

Thankfully we can see this list of things still unresolved for Salwa in the context of gratitude for her life and also hope for her future. It was such a joy to be able to go in to see Salwa today, and see her sweet smile in response to us calling her name. It has been a few weeks now since she was first taken into surgery, and we have missed her little face ever since.

The mother of Maili, another of our Kurdish mums, came with us today to see the mother of Salwa. They have been good friends ever since they traveled here together from Kurdistan, and it was so good that they were able to see each other. Friendship is a special gift, especially in such difficult circumstances.

Thank God for the healing so far in Salwa’s life!