Doing okay so far

Today, coworker Willem and I visited little Anas in Sheba Hospital. Anas is doing okay after his chest was closed yesterday. The doctor explained that every child is very weak after such a big surgery like he had last week. There are children who have to be one month in the ICU after this surgery. So, they are not more worried about him.

They still try to stabilize him completely and already lessened one medication to see how he would react to it. Furthermore, they reduced his oxygen and his own oxygen is very good.

During the time I sat with Anas grandmother, I was allowed to watch a nurse while she was working with Anas. She tried to give him more oxygen using a device and tried to show him how to breathe. He is still intubated and more time is needed to stabilize him.

The doctors are all very kind and they really do their best for these children. Let’s keep praying for little Anas, that God really heals him and restores his health soon.