“Don’t know the cause yet.”

When I went to Sheba Medical Center today to visit little Omar and his lovely, calm mother, I didn’t know where I could find them at first. But as always, God knows what we need during the day even before we ask for it.¬† As I was proceeding to visit some of the other Shevet children that are at the hospital, Omar’s mother came into my path! I didn’t even ask for this delightful surprize, but God provides everythibg in His perfect way. Therefore, with very little effort on my part, I easily found Omar’s mom who greeted me in such a friendly manner, went to her hospital room with her, and was able to visit her beloved son as well.

When we went into the room, some doctors where with Omar doing some tests or examinations on him. Of course he didn’t like that at all, but his mother took loving care of him to calm him down and it worked out quite well.

The doctors couldn’t tell me yet what caused his bleeding two nights ago, and when I asked Omar’s mother, she could omly repeat the words “don’t know the cause yet,” over and over again. This is a sentence she learned to say in English.

The doctors decided to keep little Omar in the hospital on a “normal” station (floor 5) in order to keep him under surveillance. I’m glad¬† they know what to do and that we, as a Shevet community know that while we leave Omar in the hands of the medical staff, we ultimately trust him in God’s hands. There couldn’t be a better place for him.

Please lift the cute little four-week old Omar and his very patient and lovely mother in your prayers, and that the medical staff can figure out what was the cause for his bleeding.