Double thumbs up

Beautiful eleven-year-old Sundis came to Sheba Hospital today with a big smile and a lot of energy. She was being admitted for a gastroscopy procedure tomorrow.

First, we went together to the gastroenterology clinic. There, she immediately began to run around and play with all of the toys in the waiting area. She enjoyed teaching me the Arabic colors – though she mixed them up sometimes and her mother had to correct her. She is such a sweet girl. During our time together today, she taught me a special high-five – a double thumbs up! She would hold out her hand, giving a thumbs up, then I would also give a thumbs up and we’d do a fist bump.

After we had been in the waiting room for a while, a nurse came out and told us that Sundis isn’t allowed to be touching everything because she has an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection. She quickly prepared a nearby office as an isolation room, and told us to wait a few hours till her hospital room was ready.

Sundis enjoyed sitting in the office chair, wearing medical gloves, and proudly proclaiming, “I’m a doctor!” After a long time waiting there, a nurse told us we could wait outside instead.

While waiting downstairs, Sundis discovered the piano.

After a bit more time waiting, her room was finally ready. Her tired mother was relieved to have a place to rest. Please pray that Sundis and her mom will have a good rest tonight, and that Sundis will get good results from her procedure tomorrow.