Dreams close to realization

As we left for Sheba Hospital early this morning Gashbin’s mother appeared quietly excited about the prospect of Gashbin being cleared to return to Kurdistan. It has been a long wait. Gashbin herself was vacillating between fear and playfulness.

While the three of us reclined on the sofas outside the echo rooms Gashbin’s mother was obviously praying. I quietly added my prayers to hers while Gashbin watched a video. It felt quite peaceful and there was a familiar comfortableness between us. That is until Gashbin was called for her ecg and then echo. The tears came streaming down her face and her cries were those of one who has been traumatised. The blood test later was a re-enactment of the previous behaviour. As a needlephobe myself, I sympathised.

We didn’t have to wait too long for the cardiologist to give his report on the echo. No discharge to Kurdistan today. Gashbin’s oxygen saturation today was satisfactory – above 80 – but she has a little congestion in her heart. She is to continue with the same medications and in one week have what is hopefully her discharge echo.

There were no dramas from Gashbin’s mother as her hopes of returning to Kurdistan this week faded  but rather an understanding resignation that it is not far away. I was reminded of a passage from the book of Hebrews that the  Shevet community has been studying, “Our great desire is that each one of you keep up his eagerness to the end, so that the things you hope for come true. We do not want you to become lazy, but to be like those who believe and are patient, and so receive what God has promised” (6:11-12).

Let us support Gashbin and her mother in prayer that they remain eagerly hopeful and patient, that their faith is strengthened and that Gashbin receives the healing that God so longs to complete in her.