Dressed up for her first assessment

When we arrived at Sheba hospital, Maili’s mother had dressed Maili up for her first assessment at Sheba hospital. She was truly adorable. For most of the echo, Maili’s mother sat on the table holding her in a blanket as that was the only way she was consoled. Eventually Maili fell asleep. Her mum was in really good spirits and made jokes throughout the day, but was also balanced and serious when discussing Maili’s diagnosis.

The echo confirmed a diagnosis of Pulmonary Atresia. Her oxygen saturation is better than expected. The cardiologist thinks they would like to do a CT scan to see Maili’s vessels that cannot be seen in the echo. She will most likely need a surgery as her condition has also affected the development of her right ventricle. As the doctors discuss her case, please pray for them and for Maili’s life.