Eager to return

Early this morning, Daryan’s mother and Daryan woke up early to prepare for today. She was hoping that Daryan would be tired later so that he would fall asleep for his first echocardiogram appointment after his surgery.

Daryan had a wonderful time playing around the cardiology unit, and loved making cat sounds which matched his warm, pink, cat sweater. His mother patiently waited for his appointment. He did sleep soundly for a long time, but eventually woke up when we all prepared for the echo. During the echo-cardiogram Lisa, Daryan’s mother, and I probably exhausted all the children’s songs available to try to calm him down. They were still able to complete the echo-cardiogram though, and the doctor even sang along to many of the songs.

His echo revealed that the pressure gradient of his mitral valve is higher than what the cardiologist would like to see, especially after the surgical attempt to repair it. However the doctor wants to reassess in a week, and we will continue to pray for this next appointment.

Please pray for Daryan and his mother as they wait for this next appointment. The last three months have been filled with patient waiting, and Daryan’s mother is eager to return to her family and home in Kurdistan. Daryan’s mom has been such a blessing to us; however, we do hope to celebrate Daryan’s farewell party soon for the sake of Daryan’s whole family.