Eating Ice-cream today

After another weekend of struggling to breath and the fear that Niyan needs to go again back on the ventilator because one of her lungs failed, we were relieved at Sheba Hospital today to see her doing better. Niyan is still extubated and slowly getting better. Today they were able to remove all her chest tubes which she showed us very proudly and told me that she feels better. Later she was even allowed to eat some ice cream which she really enjoyed a lot.

There is still the risk that if she doesn’t continue improving they have to put her back on the ventilator but for now she is better, thank God. It’s very nice to see that even though Niyan doesn’t have her energy back yet, she fully understands what’s going on and remembers everything we taught her before the surgeries. She loves it to tell us her German phrases, to call us weird and to decide who is the most crazy.

Please pray that Niyan will keep improving and doesn’t need to go back on the ventilator.