Eating on his own

Today I visited cute little Ahmad and his lovely mother at Sheba Medical Center. He was peacefully sleeping and his mother cared so lovingly about him. She and I talked a little bit and she asked me directly if I could speak with a doctor.

I did that and the doctor gave me a lot of information about him. He is eating very well, so they could take his sonde out and he is eating completely on his own! Praise the Lord!

Before I had arrived today, Ahmad had an echo and it looked okay, but the Cardiology department want to follow him further. He also had a blood test, but they hadn’t all the results yet, and the one result they already had is okay.

Furthermore, the doctors have to see how the result will be of his endocrinology tests. The function of his thyroid gland was very interrupted, but they don’t know the result yet. They have to talk to the endocrinologist to see if they have to change something in his medications.

It is possible that Ahmad could be discharged at the end of this week at the earliest, but probably later, because they have to wait for the results of everything tested. When I explained everything to Ahmad’s mother, she started crying. She really misses her family and doesn’t want to wait longer to return back home. I tried to calm her and she stopped crying. She wanted to leave the hospital today.

So let’s pray for Ahmad, for good test results, and patience for his mother.