Eating toward health

It was a pleasure to visit Hassan today.  He is really getting big.

The previous procedure really helped him in his growth.

Hassan was being moved today to a different location at the hospital. The new spot is a a little bit noisy compared with the ICU. For that reason, the father asked a nurse for a new spot and they kindly moved him, again.

As I said before, I saw how much Hassan has grown, but I also saw some of the reason why he might be growing.

He is eating very well. In the above picture, you can see for yourself.  In my Latin American culture, this kind of eating means he is getting better.

The doctor said that it is possible Hassan will be discharged in two or three days, after a final Echo or X-Ray. Then he can go home and return in approximately two months for a new Echo. His last surgery is still three years away.

Please continue praying for this handsome guy and for his complete recovery.