Echo and missing home

When coworkers Tatiana, Amelie and I arrived on floor four in Sheba Hospital, we saw Kenan and his mother waiting in the echo area. This mom has been here two months and she already knows a few words in Hebrew to communicate with the medical team and with us.

The doctor said that Kenan’s weight does not improve and also he has eating problems related to an existing neurological problem. They want to wait two more weeks to see if he needs a PEG tube or not. Today he had an echo for his heart and the doctors now wait for the results.

In the last few days, when needed, they had to fed him via sonde and the doctor said it’s not good to send him to Gaza with a sonde. The mom is missing her home, but she also doesn’t want Kenan to have a PEG. So, the decision for now is to wait for two more weeks, to see if he has improvement and won’t need a PEG tube. They might go to Gaza and back to the hospital again in these two weeks. But the medical team is not sure about this as he might not be able to come back at the right time.

When we left, Kenans mom thanked us and Kenan smiled to us. We hope that Kenan will be able to gain weight and to eat properly and that he and his mom will be healthy and well.