Echo today

Because of his echo today Jude and his mother spent last night with us in our guesthouse in Jerusalem. This morning we took them directly to Hadassah hospital for his check up, which we thought he was supposed to have today.

After a long time of waiting, we finally met his doctor who was a little confused to see Jude today. Because he had an echo just two weeks ago, Jude wasn’t supposed to come back until two and a half months from now. Unfortunately there was a little mistake in the echo report which said that Jude should have come back in three weeks instead of three months. Turned out we were a little to early for his next echo.

But still the doctor did the echo for him anyway and was really friendly to us and even apologized several times for this mistake. At least we were relieved that Jude is okay and that he’s recovering well from his surgery.

Jude was really calm during the whole echo and wasn’t crying at all. After the echo it still took a long time until Jude and his mom could finally go back to Gaza as we had to wait several hours for a car to come, and pick them up to bring them to the border. Since it was a really long day Jude was getting really tired but thankfully fell asleep soon.

While waiting this long, Jude’s mom disappeared several times to buy some things for Jude and get some coffee and food for us. So in the end I got to spend some time with Jude. His mom got the right things which she wanted to take to Gaza. Even so, it was a long day; Jude and especially his mom were waiting patiently.

Please pray for Jude, that he can return to his next appointment safely.