Echo today


Coworker Michiel drove the Shevet van to Gaza’s Erez Border Crossing with Israel.  Here he collected Ibrahim and his mother. Ibrahim had a scheduled Echocardiogram at Hadassah Hospital this afternoon.

The echo would be used to check up on how Ibrahim’s heart is doing after the surgery he had some weeks ago at Hadassah. It was amazing to see him, because there was a big difference in his appearance and it filled me with joy. He looked healthy and in a good spirit, and he smiled towards me. I got the impression that the echo took longer than usual, and sure enough there was a reason for it. There turned out to be a small leak in his heart, and the doctor made clear with his statement, “We can’t leave it like this. I will talk to the surgeon who made the operation.”

Ibrahim was devastated, and I totally understand him. I was told to make a new appointment in two weeks for another checkup, and from there, they will decide when the new operation will take place. “But us soon as possible,” was his final words. We had bought a football in leather as an encouragement for all the hardship he has gone through, but little did we know that it would serve the cause after receiving todays bad news, but that was exactly what happened. It even put a smile on his face, and it was a joy to see that.

Please pray for Ibrahim that he will find peace in the waiting, and peace in what lays before him. Cover all the family in your prayers, but also the medical staff. It’s good that the doctor made a long check up, to not miss anything.