Echo tomorrow for Zakaria

Handsome Zakaria arrived yesterday evening to our Jerusalem guesthouse. His mother was very happy to see other Kurdish moms also staying in our guesthouse because they know each other very well. Today in the morning, I took them all together to Sheba Hospital for different appointments.  Zakaria’s mother wanted to make a Selfie before we left, so we took one.

Zakaria had an appointment to check his PEG today. The nurse was very helpful, and wanted to make sure that Zakaria’s mom understood everything. They know each other well from the last appointment, when the same nurse checked his PEG. During this checkup, the nurse were affirming. She said things were excellent and very good. The nurse said she would like to see even better, or a change in the PEG which would come with some risks to Zakaria. This is not an urgent change needed, but she would like to get it done at some point in the future. She needs to talk about this at length with the cardiologist. Also Zakaria is having an Echo tomorrow which may or may not indicate Zakaria needs another procedure. Thank you for your prayers. After the Echo tomorrow, little Zakaria will get a new appointment to check his PEG again in two months.