Echos for two

Dalal came to the hospital today for her first assessment. We went into the echo right away, where I tried to keep her calm for the echo- technician and cardiologist. They needed a good look at her complex heart. All things considered, Dalal did very well; her blanket, her pacifier, milk, YouTube, and some Hebrew songs passed the duration of the exam.

At the end, the other Kurdish baby we came with was brought into the room to start her echo, as both children share the same cardiologist.

It was a slightly chaotic but enjoyable ‘double echo.’ Every new child needs a blood test and an X-ray in addition to their first echo, so after finishing the echo and the blood test, we went downstairs for the X-ray. However, there was a party going on outside the hospital, hosted by the children’s hospital, complete with a D.J., lots of balloons, and most importantly, free ice cream.

So we took a short detour to this event; ice cream is, after all, a good remedy for a blood test. When all appointments were finished, we went back to Jaffa.

Dalal is a wonderful little girl, likewise her mother. She is really great and intuitively understanding. Please pray for both of them. Before they can plan a surgery, the cardiologist ordered a CT scan for Dalal.