Early this morning I went to the Sheba Hospital to be with Eslam’s mother during her son’s Catheterization. After only two hours, the doctor already came out and told us that the Cath went all well, was only diagnostic and they saw that there is some narrowing in his BT shunt but nothing concerning. But during this conversation, I also heard that Eslam is still on ECMO which they had to put Eslam on last weekend because his blood pressure and oxygen saturations kept dropping and didn’t stabilize. They couldn’t figure out what the problem was and so it was a very dangerous process to take him off again and the doctors didn’t know what to expect.

But thanks be to God, later in the day they were able to first decrease the ECMO support and then take him off it completely. Eslam is kind of stable now but still in a very critical and dangerous situation. His mother was so strong during the whole day! She surely was afraid over the life of her only son but she stayed strong for him. She showed me a lot of pictures of him how he was a happy little boy a few weeks ago, so hard to believe that he is in such a bad condition now.

Please keep praying for Eslam, his mom and his doctors! God have mercy!