ECMO still; third cannula placed

This morning, doctors in Sheba Medical Center took Yano off the ECMO machine to see how she would react. Unfortunately, Yano wasn’t ready for it, so she was returned to it straight away.

In the afternoon, they took her for a CT scan which indicated the first surgery they did was successful. What needed to be fixed was fixed, so that was good news.

Then, after the CT scan, Yano went into surgery to place a third ECMO cannula to assist with better blood flow. This was also successfully completed.

One of the doctors said there is still hope for Yano and that hopefully, after a couple days rest for her heart, it will be strong enough to work without the ECMO machine.

Please pray for Yano, that her heart will get stronger in the next days. Please also pray for her mother who is not resting much in the midst of constant concern for her daughter.