Emergency surgery

Last night during dinner we got a call from Lawik’s mother that he is going into an emergency surgery at Sheba Medical right now. During the CT scan they ordered yesterday afternoon, they couldn’t see one of his coronary arteries as they were supposed to, so they decided to take him straight into the OR to find the problem and help his heart to get better.

Coworker Bria and I directly drove to the hospital to be with his mom during this dangerous surgery and then spent the beginning of the night with her in the waiting area praying, talking and laughing together. Lawik’s mother loved to make jokes about everything we said, did or how we are; we were able to forget for a few moments why we were there and how serious the situation was.

Three hours after we arrived in the hospital, one of the surgeons came out and told us that they found a big blood clot in his pulmonary artery, and this was causing his problems. They could successfully remove it. In the echo they did directly after the surgery, they saw that his heart function was already a little bit better.

It took a couple more hours until Lawik was back in his room and until we could go to see him, but we enjoyed the waiting outside of the hospital with two other moms.

The nurse in his room told us that he has still some problems with his blood pressure and that he is receiving some blood transfusions. After seeing Lawik and getting sure that his mom is doing okay, we were glad to leave the hospital again in the middle of the night with such a good outcome.

Lawik has still a big way in front of him and is in a very critical situation, but we hope and pray that slowly slowly he will improve and make steps in the right direction. Thanking God that this surgery went so well and for everything accomplished in his precious life so far. Thank thanking God that Lawik has the opportunity to receive the best care possible right now!