Emergency surgery on Yom Kippur Eve

This morning Abdullah was rushed in for surgery on the eve of Yom Kippur after the doctors saw he couldn’t wait due to his desaturating to oxygen levels in the 50’s. Luzma and I met his lovely aunt and waited with her throughout the four hour procedure. She shared the family dynamics of their home back in Gaza, proudly showing us photos of her nieces and nephews and the adventures they’ve gone on.

Abdullah is one of seven and is the second boy. Though he isn’t here with either parent, his mum and dad back home were calling every half hour to see if there was news for their boy. Finally, Abdullah was brought from the operating room, and his auntie was crying tears of relief, she immediately was on the phone with his family telling them the news.

Thank God for his arrival just in time, his aunt expressed both her thankfulness and happiness that from the ambulance transport to his arrival at the hospital Abdullah was so well treated and taken care of. Please pray for him as his body adjusts after surgery, and that his recovery will be without any complications.