Ali’s mother was an encouragement to the other mothers that were awaiting their children’s assessment. There was a moment where many mothers were listening to Shakar’s mother share about her beloved son, who is currently on full respiratory support. It was beautiful to see how they were able to care for and support each other. She reminded me to simply be with and to listen during difficult times. May we as believers seek to empathize and to encourage each other through Christ’s love.

Ali’s follow-up echocardiogram revealed similar amount of pericardial effusion, or fluid build up around the heart, as the previous echocardiogram. The doctor does not believe that the steroid is working and is tapering Ali off the medication to allow the body to readjust to producing its own natural steroids. A non-steroidal medication was given to help support the body in reducing pericardial effusion. Please continue to pray for his healing and for his family to learn more about a God who empathizes with us.