Encouraging Words for Mum

I arrived at the hospital today, and soon saw Roman’s mum. She told me that she thought he will be having a surgery today, maybe.

So Julio and I came to the room where Roman is, and the first thing was that a nurse came over and asked Julio please if he could translate a lengthy string of compliments for the mother. She spoke of how dedicated and caring she is, how she wants to help the medical team with everything, and how well prepared she is for coming here. She praised her joyful spirit and expressed how much of a pleasure it is to have her in the ICU.

I was so happy that this nurse took the time to tell Roman’s mum how she feels towards her. I’m sure it was a lovely encouragement to her.

Roman has been having physiotherapy to help him cough and swallow.

It also was decided today that Roman would not be having surgery today, but they intend to schedule a surgery to repair his diaphragm after the weekend, if it is still required.

Please pray for Roman, and that his mother will continue to be filled with hope, peace, strength and joy.