Endless cries

At Sheba Hospital, Rahma and her mother have been waiting patiently for any type of news or development, and so far to no avail. Every idea the doctors have evaporated, every trail goes cold, and it seems that it is impossible to know what is going on.

Rahma has an unknown neurological issue, at first it was just a seizure but now she is having many seizures. Doctors hoped it was just withdrawal symptoms, but after monitoring her brain and performing CT Scans, it is clear that the brain itself is the problem, but what specifically we do not know.

Because of her neurological issue, she can’t stop crying, and she can only cry one way, it is a deep, hoarse cry from the bottom of her stomach, and it is worrying her mother to no end. When I went into the room, she asked me with desperation why her beautiful daughter was crying so much, how could she help her, and how could she make it stop. It was clear to me that this tormented her to no end, to see her child in this state, but her love simply amazes me. She doesn’t leave the hospital room, she doesn’t get some headphones or block out the noise, she waits by her daughter’s bedside table day and night, listening to the cries, because she loves and cares for her so much. While each sound must break her heart, she remains by her daughter’s side, wanting to comfort her child, and not herself.

This demonstration of love from Rahma’s mother reminds me of our community’s recent study of Hebrews. In Hebrews, we see how Jesus has felt pain as we did, but through this pain he stands by us, desperately interceding on our behalf; even if our failure hurts him he still comforts and defends us out of love. In much the same way Rahma’s mother intercedes for her child; despite each heartbreaking cry, which she could easily leave or ignore, she stays by her bedside asking questions, working to comfort her daughter, and pushing her through the care of the doctors.

Her endless devotion and love pushes me forward to fight for these kids however I can too, no matter what I have on my plate, I give what I have to fight for these kids when I can. Our community is spurned on and built off of a love like this, one represented every day, and defined by Messiah.