Enjoying her life

As we have spent quite some time in Sheba Hospital today waiting for the surgery of another child, we could also play with Lara and talk with Lara’s mother for quite some time.

The fluid in Lara’s chest is completely gone, and the doctors are also planning to remove the air support that she is still receiving. If this succeeds and her oxygen is still good even without the oxygen assist, she probably will be discharged to our house in Ashdod this week. Lara is very active and full of energy, and loves eating, dancing, drawing and playing with her new toys.

She is smiling very much and is really relaxed and enjoying her time.

Lara’s amazing mother however, is very tired as Lara is crying very much in the night, so her mother doesn’t get so much sleep. Let us pray that Lara is improving further and can come to Ashdod soon; praying also for strength for Lara’s lovely mother!