Enjoying the company

Our sweet Ahmed is now already living in our community house in Ashdod for ten days and he is slowly feeling at home here. In the beginning he was very shy, but every day I visit the family house and ask him how he is doing, his smile gets bigger and bigger.

Because of the rockets, the border to Gaza was closed so returning families have been staying with us in our community house until the border reopens. One of the Gazan children, a boy who is just a few years older than Ahmed, became good friends with Ahmed and they enjoyed spending time tickling each other.

The rocket fire has ceased at least for now so we were able to take them to the park. Ahmed’s mother told me that Ahmed doesn’t really like to spend all day long in the house, but needs to be outside for a while, since he has a lot of energy. For now Ahmed still has to wait for the doctors to schedule appointments for collecting medical information and preparation for future interventions such as a CT, and dental treatment. Please pray that this will happen soon!