A Light in the Darkness

Last night we had a big scare. Our beautiful Wareen was not doing well. Her oxygen dropped, her heart rate and temperature were high, and her breathing was difficult and she was more blue than she is usually. We tried to manage the situation, but this did not improve enough to be sure that she was safe at home. Sophie and I took Wareen and her Dad to the ER around 11 o’clock pm, and on our way to the hospital her oxygen continued to drop. We were praying all the time for her.

Thank the Lord we arrived safely. Immediately the ER staff took care of her. They performed an echo, x-ray, ECG, blood test, and they put in an IV line for fluids. They were able to stabilize her. And then, she was admitted to secondary ICU for a cardiology check. Sophie updated them with the medical information while I was taking care of Wareen, who fell sleep in my arms. I was very thankful to God that Wareen was safe and stable. Please pray for her and for her Dad. For her soon recovery of her viruses and she can have her surgery