ER trip

After a day of throwing up everything he ate or drank, we took San to the ER. The doctor saw that he looked pale and dehydrated. He decided to give him some medications that would help his stomach to settle down and he received fluids through an IV for three hours.

The whole night San was able to keep fluids down. But because he is a heart patient and because he was sleeping all night, the doctor wanted to keep him in the hospital to make sure he was okay. The doctor said that because of his heart condition, he needs to be perfect to be discharged to Ashdod.

Because of the long wait, coworker Kristie and I had good conversations with the mother of San with the little English, Arabic and Kurdish we had and we shared some food together.

San already looked much better when we said goodbye after the admission. We pray that God watches over this boy and that his body will get strong for the upcoming surgery.