ER trip

Shahad stayed in our community house in Ashdod for a week until her next echo appointment arrived. In the meantime, she was trying some new medications that were prescribed to help her with her heart problems.

Last night I was having dinner together with our resident families when all of a sudden Shahad got up to get some fresh air. She felt pain in her chest and she started sweating a lot. We decided to take her to Sheba Hospital’s Pediatric ER.

After some tests, the doctors decided to keep her in the hospital for observation. Today they are still trying to figure out what exactly happened and why.¬†An ER trip always takes long, but Shahad and I had a lot of fun trying to teach each other English and Arabic. Especially during the blood test she didn’t like, we tried to have an English conversation while she squeezed my hand.

Shahad is loved by all of the coworkers now and in the past. She has a great personality. Let’s pray for answers for her condition.