This morning I arrived at Sheba Hospital and first thing went to Eva’s room in the PICU. The hospital staff were very busy in the room and I met Eva’s mother outside the room. She told me they were planning to close Eva’s chest today. I sat with her for about an hour as they prepared Eva for the procedure. Her mother was very calm this morning, tired from the many weeks of procedures and ups and downs.

Eva was in the OR for about an hour and a half and her mother was faithfully praying throughout the entire time. When they came out of the surgery, we were told they had successfully closed Eva’s chest. She is not out of the woods yet though. The doctor said if Eva can make it through the night remaining stable, then she would be on a good path, but there was still a possibility of needing the chest opened again if her oxygen was low.

We praise God that when I left the hospital this afternoon, Eva’s oxygen was in a normal range for her and after checking in with her mother in the evening, I saw that it had remained in a normal range.

We praise God for his continued care for Eva and her mother and we entreat him to continue doing His good work in their life.