Even if we don’t understand

As they promised us yesterday, today a doctor at Sheba Hospital took the time to explain to Hazhin’s dad that his daughter’s whole condition is critical. He told us very seriously but kindly, that Hazhin’s situation is very serious and that the chances are very low that she will even make it to the big switch surgery she still needs.

As she is still just building up more fluids every day the doctors plan to start a kind of dialysis today. For this they want to do a little surgery this evening where they place a little tube in Hazhin’s neck. Her doctor told us that if that succeeds, they hope that through this they will be able to reduce the fluid in her body. He told us very honest that they don’t know if they will have success with it but that it is the only thing they can do for her right now. Hazhin’s dad stayed strong during the whole conversation but he started shaking in the middle of it, and we could tell that he is very worried and at the end of his strength.

To distract him a little bit, Bria and I took him to eat ice cream at the hospital after our lunch and we sat outside for a while.

God I pray that you bless Hazhin and her dad. Please don’t let our little girl suffer! God we trust you that you have perfect plans even if we don’t understand.