Everyone Together for Ali

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1

Last Friday just before Shabbat, started we took Ali to the ER. It was the second time that we have taken him to the ER because of his low oxygen level. In the morning his oxygen was a little low in comparison to the last couple days, so we gave him more liquid to keep him hydrated. But after a few hours he hadn’t improved, so I gave him supplemental oxygen and this didn’t help either. At some point in the evening his oxygen dropped dramatically and we called the ICU (following their instructions after the cath) and they told us to take him to ER. As we prepared to leave, it was so beautiful to see our all our families and volunteers around Ali praying for him.

Praise the Lord on our way to the hospital he didn’t have any complications. All the way Mom was praying for her little baby; he seemed so tired. When we arrived at the hospital, they tried multiple times to get the IV line, which caused him to cry and his oxygen dropped again. His mom is really amazing, and so strong. Praise the Lord, finally they were able to get the blood sample and established the IV line to give him liquids. He slept for a while in the comfortable arms of his mom.

After few hours in the ER, finally he was admitted to the Secondary ICU, the doctor and nurse there were very friendly to us, but Ali cried every time someone other than mom was close to him. And every time that he cried his oxygen dropped. Around 1 am I left the hospital, since he was settled into a room, and the doctors were waiting for the results of his blood test. But praise the Lord he was stable.

Yesterday we called the ICU and they said that he was stable and much better; still with a nasal cannula. Please pray that the schedule for his surgery will be open so he can have his surgery as soon as possible, and for his recovery to be quick.