Excellent care from doctors at Sheba

Dina has been one week in Israel, and her mother has concern her condition is worsening. As Dina has a cleft palate, she aspirates during most feedings. Because of this, she is constantly at risk of a chest infection and contracts them frequently.

We brought her to the Sheba’s ER to be seen by a doctor, and the staff did a full assessment on her.

Compared to her first appointment last week, there were not changes in Dina’s chest x-ray and echo. The ER doctor said something before we finished there, that I hoped was quite encouraging to Dina’s mother. He said that although they didn’t find anything new in Dina’s tests today, he still believed Dina’s mother when she said she thought her daughter has gotten worse.

Therefore, they will follow-up tomorrow with Dina’s doctor at the cardiac clinic. This is the kind of excellent care the doctors at Sheba routinely give. Here, these families are honored and taken seriously.