Exchanging stories

Marya’s father patiently waited while Marya was in the operating room. The surgery was anticipated to be around six hours in duration. At hour three, I asked how her father was feeling, was he anxious, tired, or happy? He simply replied that he was content in knowing that Marya’s health was in the hands of God.

During this waiting period, we exchanged stories of our home countries. He shared about his beautiful wife and daughter waiting patiently for them in Kurdistan. We discussed the recent events in Kurdistan, and also his experiences as a Peshmerga soldier. Though only twenty-six years old, he has witnessed much suffering and has seen many of his friends die in a tragic way. His heart is for peace. He shared about his beliefs, including his religious beliefs and was eager to share. He also shared about his experiences from the first surgery, and was thankful for the dear friends from Shevet that waited with him during that surgery.

At hour six and a half, Marya was transferred from the surgery room to her room in the ICU. The surgeon explained the surgery to the father, who was very happy and could not wait to tell his wife about the good news.

Please continue to pray for Marya as she recovers from this major operation. We praise God for this surgery and that Marya is safely reunited with her father. God is already at work in writing Marya’s story, and we pray that she will one day be able to share the story of how God has been working in her life.